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Prestations Belvédère, architecture d'intérieur Vannes.

We are an interior architecture studio specializing in the design and layout of residential and professional spaces.

We work on projects for individual houses, new or old apartments, atypical buildings (loft, duplex) and local commercial or administrative projects, restaurants, hotels or bed and breakfasts, offices, showrooms.

Our tailor-made services adapt to your needs. We can handle your entire project, from its conception to the completion of the construction, or assist you with one or more stages.


Interior Architecture

Interior Decoration

Consultation visit

First home visit to get to know each other and to define the scope of your project accurately.

Analysis of your needs, desires, and expectations, highlighting certain technical constraints and budget.

Definition of the mission scope and initial advice on layout and decoration.

This visit can be carried out before a real estate purchase or before a sale.

300 € incl. VAT (deducted if the mission continues) for a 2-hour appointment.


Design of your Interior Architecture project

Design of your interior layout project in plan and volume, taking into account your specifications, your lifestyle, and your expectations.

Work on space, circulation, light, materials, colors... Our watchwords: creativity, harmony, and functionality.

Presentation and discussion around your project.

Additional services according to your expectations and the needs of the project: connection with structural study offices, submission of preliminary declaration of work, furniture and lighting recommendations, etc.

Price: on quote.


Estimation & Construction Monitoring

Consultation of companies from our network of qualified craftsmen, with recognized know-how.

Selection of craftsmen.

Supervision of work demanding both the quality of services and respect for deadlines.

Assistance with site acceptance operations.

Price: on quote.


Interior Decoration

This mission can be included in the design of your overall interior architecture project or be offered separately if you simply wish to improve and beautify your space without major work.

Creation of an ambiance, study of colors & materials.

Recommendation of furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Depending on your desires and expectations: furniture design, assistance in selecting works of art.

Price: on quote.


Belvédère holds a ten-year insurance contract for all its interior architecture missions, with or without intervention on the structure.


The Interior Architect

The Interior Architect's mission is to create and arrange functional and aesthetic spaces, playing with volumes, light, colors, materials, while taking into account technical and budgetary constraints. They can intervene on work related to the structure of a building, but unlike an architect, they do not design and implement the construction of complete buildings.

The Interior Architect oversees the execution of the layout project they have designed.

The Interior Decorator

While the interior architect works on the structure of the rooms and can undertake major works, the interior decorator, or interior designer, sets the tone to create an ambiance.

They have an undeniable artistic sense and primarily work on space, light, colors, furniture selection... They personalize interiors so that they reflect both the soul of the place and the personality and lifestyle of their clients.

The Project Owner (PO)

The Project Owner is the entity expressing the need, which sets the direction of the project by expressing its requirements. They set a provisional financial budget and communicate a desired deadline.

When the work is completed, it is the Project Owner who accepts the construction site.

The Project Manager (PM)

The project manager is the entity selected by the client to carry out the mission. As an expert in construction, it is the project manager who brings their knowledge, expertise, and technical skills to the construction site. They organize, coordinate, and supervise the various trades involved and deliver the project once it is completed.

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